If you have never been to this little place you need to go… Price is always right and tacos are always hot especially in the morning if you’re looking for a taco place this is that spot… I have been craving some meat and potato breakfast tacos and I remember when my mother used to bring me here when I was young… She said that my grandmother used to take her there when she was young… It is been at the corner of pine for ever… And it is the place to be… Of course they have upgraded many things like televisions and flat screens to show you the menu but they have breakfast tacos that are always on point have lunch and they have dinner they also have packages of meat if you’re going to barbecue or you have a party that you need a lot of meat for a lot of people… They speak Spanish and English… They have great prices always recommend 5 thumbs-up absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt make it a tradition to come here weekday mornings for their tacos come here for lunch come here for dinner… It is a favorite!!!

Almost S.

Awesome food, variety of breakfast tacos, American dining, and Korean food. Prices are pretty low and the workers are very friendly. The place is clean and service is fast. Will be going back for many meals in the future.

Elbert Y.

Super suprised at this place as the location and set up wouldn’t lead you to expect much (currently under renovations) however, the Korean barbecue was awesome and the service was great!

Cory G.

awesome food and the owner made it all the better. 3 of us came in after lunch ended and they were shutting down the kitchen but a lady told us if we wanted korean bbq she could hook us up with it and a ton of sides. great experience and would recomend to anyone!

Xavier S.

The food is excellent! We had the all-you-can-eat Korean Bbq for $19.99 and it was worth every penny. The staff is so friendly and attentive. All the side dishes were delicious and overall, we had an authentic Korean food experience. I’d definitely recommend this place!!

Mary Z.

I’ve been going here for over 10 years and truly enjoy the food! They made me FAT!!! I enjoy the pork chop plate and the hamburgers. The portions are more than generous. Mr. KIM or JT as I call him knows me as COACH and I recommend all my fellow co-workers to patronize the place and let them know anything you order is great! On Fridays my wife and I have breakfast there before we head to work!! Tell Juanita hello when you order your tacos and tell her the maestro sent you!

John M. W.

My first time trying this place and I love it! This place has surprising delicious food. They have a variety of food from tacos to Korean short ribs. My kids really enjoyed this place as well. They are really friendly here I would definitely recommend.

Vic T.

The food is good for the price and it’s a lot. The people who work there are super friendly and always welcoming. They made sure we had everything we needed and accommodated to our preference in sides. It’s in a little convenience store near my job. I think if you wanna try Korean BBQ for a lower price this is your place.

Carolyn N.

The warm hospitality of the owner made us feel like eating at home. The spicy pork and ribeye bbq were awesome. It was an spectacular late lunch. We will definitely go back for sure. Jeongmal Gomabseubnida Mr. and Mrs. “CHAS” sorry we didn’t get your names. See you soon.

Eugene G.

Brand new Korean meat BBQ at your table setup inside this corner convenience store that’s been around for 3 decades. Run by a very friendly korean family, the service is a cultural experience that gives you the feeling of being served by a korean friend’s mother. We popped in based on a yelp review, expecting a restaurant instead of a convenience store. Although I was ready to leave when she told us the lunch options were closed, her friendly demeaner and explaination of the dinner menu charmed my counterpart so we stayed. What a great choice we made – the food was not dissapointing!
We’re both huge fans of Korean food and have our own favorite ultra-authentic spots about 30 mins away. I was thrown off-guard and cautious about what to expect when I noticed that they also specialize in breakfast tacos but, I was wrong to worry. While the selection here is limited compared to our favorite place, we’re happy to find a friendly spot so close to home that has the same authentic marinated meats we love so much. The Bulgogi was well seasoned and cooked table-side. The korean short ribs, also cooked table-side, were a bit chewy but delicious. Our order came with a generous helping of rice and 3 korean side dishes that were refilled by request, at no extra cost.
If you’re in the mood for Korean BBQ in a low-key setting, then I can recommend this spot to cure your craving for grilled meat at your table. It’s simple enough that I would even recommend bringing a first-timer who may typically be intimidated by authentic ethnic flavors. They also offer an all-you-can eat option for $20 per person.

Andrea Collette P.

Sooo goooood! I came to get a quick bite and noticed they had Korean BBQ. There are not a lot of places in SA that do Korean bbq cooked at your table so I was excited to find out they had that. The staff was sooo soo friendly Ms.Kim was so delightful and brought out the freshest side dishes , and meat. I had bulgogi, spicy pork, pork belly , and steak. The side dishes were kimchi , spicy dried squid, sprouts , seaweed, and potato salad. Ms. Kim brought out far more food than I needed and made sure I had everything I needed. She and the other staff were so sweet and kind and gave five star service. One tip I have is to not judge a book by its cover. I was a bit put off when I saw that they served Mexican food as well. I wasn’t sure if this would be some kind of fusion or not. In a way it is, but the Korean food I had was uniquely Korean. I think if someone wants a variety of flavors this is a good place as well because you can get bulgogi, and tacos lol. Anyway this place is excellent , the food is fresh, the staff is soooooooo sweet!

Meisha E.

This is the best Korean I’ve had. Been around the world and this one wins. The owner, cook is super nice. Came for dinner and I was the only one here. She cooked 2 meals so I could have both. Absolutely the nicest service you will EVER get. Don’t let the outside fool you, it looks like a market, but it’s a full service restaurant. For $14.99 I got 2 dinners and all the fixings. She for sure has a PHD in kimshi!!

Ed C.

This is an interesting stop to say the least! My husband and I decided to try it because of the YELP reviews and because its fairly close to the San Antonio KOA where we were staying. We pulled up and were met by a panhandler in the parking lot, and my husband was a bit nervous about the well being of his truck while we were there, but it was fine. We had missed lunch but were persuaded to stay and try the Korean BBQ by the most lovely little Korean lady. We were not disappointed, the food was great! The meat was wonderful, we had both pork and beef and the side dishes were a cultural smorgasbord of flavors and textures! The ambiance is a bit weird, but that’s what makes it “YELP SPECIAL”! Great little hole in the wall!!

Carol-anne E.

This is my best experience in my trip.
I searched on yelp and I found this restaurant, so i decided to try it.
When I arrived here, i found the owner is a Korean couple, and they are super nice!!! They helped us to cook and we talked a lot. When I tasted the food, it was awesome, which reminded me the food of my hometown. It was my best experience after I came to America. You know that your stomach will miss the hometown more than other organs, and I was so happy.
There was an American sitting near us, and he bought us drinks. He said he saw that we were so happy, so he bought us drinks making us more happier. Omg! This was unforgettable! Americans and Koreans are so nice! I’m so glad to meet them today! I will bring my friends back here to enjoy the awesome BBQ!!

Wei W.

First time eating here. Food was excellent. Staff very friendly and were very helpful assisting me with my order. Definitely recommend!!

Weston C.

By far one of the best KBBQ experiences I’ve had! Mrs Kim (the owner) and her brother and some of the most humble people I’ve ever met. For sure coming back here!

Spencer S.

When I first came, I was disappointed by the outside of the restaurant. It looks more like a Mexican food store.
We ordered All You Can Eat $19.99.
But the owners were extremely nice. Both husband and wife came out tô take care of us.
The wife brought meat out first, the husband lighted up the grill and kept helping us to cut our food.
Their kimchi are the best homemade Kim Chi I ever had.

Linh L.

Inside a small neighborhood meat/grocery store. Dining tables are all in the middle of the store as soon as you walk in. I came for the Korean BBQ. What can I say, I’m impressed. The quality of the banchans and meat we’re the best I’ve had in SA. Trust me, I’ve been to ALL of the Korean restaurants and markets here. Aside from Seoul Garden (used to be Texas BBQ off Wurzbach), Chaz has the most authentic flavors.

The first thing brought to the table are they banchans and rice. The meats are brought out in servings which are then cooked for you right at your table. Ours came out in the following order; rib eye, pork belly, kalbi, and spicy BBQ pork. They also serve bulgogi but I told the owner that we don’t really care for bulgogi so she said she’ll bring the other meats first. If we still wanted the bulgogi, she’d bring it out. I appreciated that. She brought us out more pork belly as it was our favorite. The meats are not seasoned, you dip them in sauces once cooked and eat. She wrapped up the left overs for us.

Really good.

Theresa B.

I went there from SanJose CA. There was Korean bbq
It was best korean bbq ever!!
I had great time with my friends there
The owner was super kind,warm hearted like Mom
The food reminded me real Korean food that I had eaten in Korea.
You Guys should eat !! I swear you don’t regret!!

Thank you for the kindness

Jung Eun J.

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